Real Estate 

There is no easier way to sell real estate than by partnering with us here at Cooper’s Auction Service LLC.  Our full-service approach allows us to put our experience and knowledge to work for you to garner the best possible outcome when marketing your Real Estate.

Why Choose a Real Estate Auction?

  • Easy- this really is the path of least resistance for you, the seller.  We sell all Real Estate ‘As Is’ with no inspection or repair contingences.  The entire process is hands off to the seller.
  • Effective- our buyers come to the auction prepared to purchase your property.  We charge the buyer a significant non-refundable deposit the day of the auction, which means an exceptionally low percentage of transactions fall through prior to closing.
  • Efficient- most properties will be marketed for 30-60 days prior to auction day.  The closing will occur 30-45 days after the day of the auction.
  • Flexible- we represent the seller in the auction process.  This means we will work with you to set terms that are best for you and the particular piece of real estate being marketed. 
  • Economical- In many cases, the buyer pays the commission of the sale.  We add a buyer’s premium to the high-bid amount to cover our commission, which cuts overhead costs to the seller.
  • Aggressive Marketing- we will work with you to put an aggressive marketing plan in place to attract buyers that are in the market for the kind of Real Estate that you have to offer.

Real Estate Auction Process

  • Contact us to discuss the best plan for liquidation of your unique piece of Real Estate.
  • We will provide you with options for setting terms and conditions of the sale, along with options for marketing your property.  There is no one-size fits all model to selling Real Estate, so we work with you to make the best possible plan for your property and your situation.
  • We then complete a one-page auction booking contract outlining the plan we are putting in place.
  • Auctions are then marketed for a period of 30-60 days prior to auction day.
  • The marketing plan is put into motion.  We will use many of the following avenues to market your property: our website, social media, placement on numerous other auction and Real Estate websites, signage, print advertising, radio advertising, and any other unique marketing strategies that we may agree upon.
  • We will show your property on an as needed basis to ensure buyers have ample opportunities to view the property.
  • We will stay in contact with you throughout the entire process and provide updates on the effectiveness of our marketing plan.
  • We will arrive 1-2 hours prior to the auction on auction day to allow potential buyers another opportunity to view the property and answer their questions.
  • We will begin the auction promptly at the time agreed upon in the contract.
  • We will verbally go through the terms and conditions in front of everyone who is present at the auction (terms will be listed for on-line bidders to view) and answer any questions prior to beginning bid calling.
  • Once bid calling begins, the auction is on, and the property will sell to the highest bidder.
  • If the seller accepts the high bid, we will then complete an auction sales contract with both the buyer and the seller the day of the auction.
  • The transaction is then handled like any other Real Estate closing through a local title company within 30-45 days of the auction date.

Our commitment as the auction company is to guide you through this process step by step and to keep you updated along the way.  Our top priority is bringing everything we have to offer to the table for you as our client, to ensure a successful result to you at the end of this process.  We want to do the best job possible, so that you will be more than happy to work with us again in the future and to recommend us to your friends and family.

Buying Real Estate

  • Highly motivated sellers offering Real Estate to you
  • Buyers determine the market price of the property
  • All potential buyers are competing on the same terms and conditions of the sale
  • Quick and smooth buying process with known sale and closing dates
  • No back-and-forth negations reduces time to arrive at a purchase price
  • If you are a first-time auction buyer, we will be happy to walk you through the process step-by-step and ensure the best purchasing experience you have encountered
  •  Auctions are a simple and fun way to purchase your next piece of Real Estate and can be a great way to build a Real Estate investment portfolio.